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We use cut vinyl and printed vinyl on our substrates to achieve the desired effect. We can even laminate your signs for added protection against damage or graffiti. Speak with one of our experienced shop staff to find out what signs would be best for your store!



We provide banners for all type of applications. Banners can be full colour digitally printed or made with cut out vinyl lettering. We can also add grommets and pockets for different hanging options. It is best to speak with one of our shop professionals regarding material and size to build a banner to suit your needs.


Vinyl Decals:

Durable Cut out lettering and graphics suitable for auto and marine use. They are available in a wide range of colours including reflective and metallic. Usually only one or two colours per job. These are among the most cost effective graphic options we provide.


Digitally Printed Vinyl Decals:

These decals provide full colour digital graphics on almost anything. The decals can be laminated for added durability and even cut to custom shapes. Suitable for auto and marine. These graphics also give the option to completely or partly “wrap” a car.


Frosted Vinyl:

Frosted vinyl provides privacy and security for many office and retail space. The product can be used solid, or include cut logos and/or digitally printed graphics.

3M Security Films:

3M security films provide extra protection to large glass building faces and doors. The films come in a wide range of grades to protect your space from possible break-in’s or work place mishaps.


Specialty Signage:

We can create display solutions for almost any situation. We can work with you to create memorable store front signage or striking trade show displays. Feel free to ask one of our staff about your specialty printing needs!