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At fine line we excel at auto and marine graphics. We have a variety of graphic options ranging from the simple to the extravagant. The following are some of the different decal options we provide.


Vinyl Decals:

Durable Cut out lettering and graphics suitable for auto and marine use. They are available in a wide range of colours including reflective and metallic. Usually only one or two colours per job. These are among the most cost effective graphic options we provide


Digitally Printed Vinyl Decals:

These decals provide full colour digital graphics on almost anything. The decals can be laminated for added durability and even cut to custom shapes. Suitable for auto and marine. These graphics also give the option to completely or partly “wrap” a car.


Vinyl Striping:

To properly stripe a car takes talent that few shops have. At Fine-Line we have been striping cars by hand for years! We know we are the very best in the business. Striping is suited to auto and marine use and is commonly used in conjunction with vinyl decals.


Fleet Graphics:

Multiple units with similar graphics carried across the fleet. We are able to keep your fleet looking its best by cataloging your graphics and even storing spare sets. We are trusted to look after vehicles from Police, Fire, Bus Companies, and the City. We can keep your fleet looking good if it’s your two trucks or an entire police force.


Marine Specifics:

We do carry marine specific materials to enhance the look and durability of your marine graphics. When measuring for boat lettering it is important you have exact measurements for your desired graphics. We recommend taking measurements of the space you have available AND the size you would want for your graphics accompanied by a digital photo. We do come on site to measure and install marine graphics. On site work procures an additional service charge.


Graphic Design:

If you are not sure what to do with your vehicle, we can help you design your dream vehicle package.


ICBC Repairs:

We work with repair shops to fix your vehicle graphics after an ICBC claim. Ask us more about this service!